Theatre9/12’s Y.E.S. — Youth Education Studio — invites young actors to discover the limitless bounds of their imaginations. We are a non-profit, 501c(3), arts education organization located in the heart of Seattle, Washington. We offer classes in a variety of public and private schools throughout the Seattle metro area, as well as on the Theatre9/12 stage.

In a supportive atmosphere of guidance and fun, we will work with your child to ignite their love of the arts and stretch their imaginations. Together we will learn about …

  • performance techniques
  • professional expectations of working actors
  • self-confidence
  • discipline
  • performance (onstage and backstage) etiquette

We treat our students like professional actors, setting the bar high on expectations. Our goals are to channel students’ strengths and help them find hidden talents. Mixing honest praise with honest feedback, we strive to help our students grow as actors and individuals.

Affiliated with Theatre9/12, Y.E.S. offers a high energy experience guided by faculty members that have national performing and teaching credits with cumulatively hundreds of hours of experience.

Michael LoSasso, Director of Y.E.S., is an experienced performer and children’s theater specialist with more than 33 years of theater experience, including at Missoula Children’s Theater, Annex Theater, Theatre9/12 and other theaters in the Pacific Northwest. Michael was the original stage manager for Spin the Bottle, Seattle’s long-running late-night cabaret. Michael is Theatre 9/12’s production manager, as well as an accomplished stage combatant and professional clown.

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